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Long-Lasting Stone Coated Shingles

stone coated shingles west plains moWhen you want the functionality of roofing shingles but in something that is more sturdy, a great option to consider is stone coated shingles for your West Plains area home or business. Here at A & A Quality Roofing, we have been providing local home and business owners with the best in quality roofing services and workmanship since 2006. This includes educating our clients about their roofing options, like this shingle type, installation and maintenance service.

We want you to be able to feel confident about the choice that you make, for years to come. The good news is that, by opting for stone coated shingles, you will actually have roofing material that will be around for those years to come, if not decades. You can rest assured that we will provide you with workmanship and customer service excellence.

Stone Coated Shingle Installation Experts

One of the most common questions that we get in relation to installing stone coated roofing shingles, is how they compare to traditional asphalt shingles ones. Some of the differences you should know about are:

  • The weight is less. This makes it easier for quick installation, but also means your roof weighs less. This can be important during those winter storms when the snow really piles up on the rooftop.
  • This reduction in weight also makes circumstances safer, in case of a disaster like a fire or hurricane. It makes the building as a whole, much safer.
  • The good news is that this type of roofing is also going to still be more durable. Shingles are often erroneously believed to be not very strong. However, quite the opposite is true.

Your Source for Stone Coated Shingles in West Plains

There are plenty of other traits you need to know about, when it comes to stone coated shingles. The wise choice to make is to partner with the roofing contractors at A & A Quality Roofing, in order to get the information you need for the decisions that you have to make. Once you have made a choice that you feel good about, we can then address your need for superior installation and service work, as well.

For quality stone coated shingles in West Plains, MO and the surrounding areas, please call the roofing contractors at A & A Quality Roofing at 417-256-0755 or complete our online request form.

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